An Elegant and Minimalistic
Javascript Application Library

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”

— Leonardo Da Vinci
  • ƛ

    Functional Oriented

    Functional oriented, but in the Javascript way.

    Use the best of the Javascript language functional features.

    Functional code example
  • Island Architecture Diagram

    Island Architecture

    Lightweight Applications

    Build your components logic for a specific part of your app. Less code, less bundle.

  • ♻️

    Javascript Ecossystem Compatible

    Integrate your Application with any other Javascript Ecossystem easily.

    • Astro
    • Tailwind
    • FullPage.js

    • D3
    • Seiper
    • AOS

    • Leaflet
    • Chart.js
    • Popper

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This example is an implementation of todomvc.com